It Continues...Sprint Is played the fool...

Michael Dillon michael at
Sat Jan 4 09:31:53 UTC 1997

On Sat, 4 Jan 1997, Barry Shein wrote:

> I suppose that's why the four digit account number he uses keeps
> changing, they look like this:

So what?

> C'mon, this is silly, why when confronted with an actual problem do
> people get such an urge to play devil's advocate and spin wild
> possibilities? Are you just amusing yourself, just in deep denial,
> what?

Well so far you haven't said what is really happening other than a vague
claim about an excessively high rate of email messages. Have you inspected
any of these messages to determine if, in fact, this is merely his normal
message stream, or if, in fact, there is some kind of loop set up by your 
mailer's refusals? Obviously, if your mailer's behavior is perpetuating
the flood, then you have a moral and a legal obligation to fix that
behavior. And if you are going to post something on a technical list like
this then you also have an obligation to provide details. Otherwise, there
is no point in posting it here because your words won't help other
operators who might find themselves in a similar situation.

> I don't mean to get sarcastic but why is this attack the victim stuff
> helpful or desireable?

Damn right it's desirable. This isn't a list for victims to whine and
moan. If there is a technical problem then please explain the details
because people on this list might be able to help. So far there have been
two good suggestions related to blackholing at your router and to joining
the spam filter distribution via OSPF.

> Oh well, ok, maybe you win, maybe we're fucked, get used to it, on Jan
> 4, 1997 everybody just gave up and decided everything was someone
> else's problem.

This sounds remarkably like your own attitude. Here you are posting on
this list asking us to fix the problem. A more productive attitude would
be to ask what *YOU* can do to solve the problem and then to implement
some of the suggestions. And all the emotional language you have posted to
the list has obscured the fact that you have given remarkably little
technical detail as to what is happening and why this is making you so

Contrast this with the SYN flood attacks a few months back when people
explained what was happening to them and others on the list joined in to
assist them in alleviating and ultimately fixing the problem.

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