It Continues...Sprint Is played the fool...

Barry Shein bzs at
Sat Jan 4 08:23:55 UTC 1997

From: Michael Dillon <michael at>
>I suspect that their spam software is screwing up and
>treating your reject messages as a mail bombe and they are thus returning
>them back to you creating a classic email loop.

I suppose that's why the four digit account number he uses keeps
changing, they look like this:

<80122 at>
<80122 at>
<80113 at>
<80113 at>
<80122 at>
<80122 at>
<80123 at>
<80123 at>
<80123 at>
<80123 at>

That's his id for each spam source, each customer of his essentially,
that's an actual cut+paste stream of addresses.

C'mon, this is silly, why when confronted with an actual problem do
people get such an urge to play devil's advocate and spin wild
possibilities? Are you just amusing yourself, just in deep denial,

I don't mean to get sarcastic but why is this attack the victim stuff
helpful or desireable?

Maybe my point is that maybe Sprint shouldn't be a NANO much longer,
they're rogue and irresponsible. I know, you find that too much to
wrap your head around and would prefer to just spin bizarre devil's
advocate remarks for your own amusement, this is really sorry, no
wonder the spammers are kicking everyone's butts.

Pardon me but this has been going on three days and I'm getting
awfully cranky and absolutely staggered at how eager people are to
leap up and say "why bother us with this, it's not our problem!", it's
kinda like dealing with dead people.

Oh well, ok, maybe you win, maybe we're fucked, get used to it, on Jan
4, 1997 everybody just gave up and decided everything was someone
else's problem.

        -Barry Shein

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