URGENT: Operational Integrity Problem with IQ-INTERNET.COM

Robert Bowman rob at elite.exodus.net
Fri Jan 3 23:49:45 UTC 1997

What relevance does this have to the NANOG community?

> Reference:        Sprint Customer Larry Host
> Domain:           IQ-INTERNET.COM
> Problem Summary:  Out of control mail loop
> 1. For the past 48 or so hours all e-mail from the domain
> IQ-INTERNET.COM has been blocked from our domain, STD.COM.  All such
> email is refused with an immediate error message by our (std.com)
> server.
> 2. The account lhost at iq-internet.com, owner or adminstrator of this
> iq-internet.com domain, has been informed of this many times in this
> period. Messages have been left on their answering machine. Sprint
> personnel attempted to relay this message to him though I do not know
> if they were successful. Sprint security personnel have publically and
> privately (to me) acknowledged the problem.
> 3. Electronic mail continues to be sent (as of 17:17 EST) from
> iq-internet.com to world.std.com at a rate of several messages per
> minute, each one refused.
> There is no reason for a host to send thousands of email msgs each
> being refused long after being informed of this state of affairs
> except:
> 	a) maliciousness
> 	b) severe technical failure or error,
> 	or gross operating negligence.
> I informed Sprint of this several hours ago, I reported it as a
> *TECHNICAL* problem although apparently Sprint network personnel
> continue to infer that they can read the system owner's mind and
> intuit that he is doing this for relatively innocent or purposeful
> reasons such that Sprint can not get involved.
> I assert this judgement by Sprint network personnel is a serious error
> and Sprint is ignoring a severe technical problem to the active
> detriment of the world-wide internetwork.
> There is a knowing dereliction of TECHNICAL AND OPERATIONAL
> responsibilities occurring here, and this abrogation of administrative
> responsibility is causing my business palpable damage, with full
> knowledge of authorized Sprint network operational and security
> personnel and more than sufficient time for them to have responded.
> xc: Sprint Legal Dept, Software Tool & Die Counsel
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