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 That is why:

" The Advisory Council is to act on behalf of the membership on all  
issues including, but not limited to:

_ Registry goals
_ Future funding
_ Allocation policy guidelines
_ Training
_ Nominations for Advisory Council
_ Database maintenance
_ Registry procedures "


"ARIN members will nominate candidates for the the Advisory Council."

This allows:

"The point has also been made that the management of the IP space  
should be put in the hands of those that depend on it - the users.  
Whether those users are ISPs, corporate entities, universities,  
etc., they should all play a role."

BTW, let's move this to the NAIPR list.

>	There is a VERY serious flaw in this plan.
>	The effective pricing drops with size. Yet the registry is
>technically required to be stingy in its IP allocations.
>	Can you say "lawsuit"? I knew you could.
>	Imagine if ivory sold large bars and small bars and the small 
>bars were more cost effective. Then they would only sell you a  
small bar
>because you wouldn't need the large bar for a few months, thus causing 
>you to pay more.
>	Think about it.
>	David Schwartz

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