Cisco Vip Cards.

Kirby Files kfiles at
Tue Dec 16 16:14:32 UTC 1997

> On Dec 15, 17:26, Kirby Files <kfiles at> wrote:
> > > half an hour booting before it starts doing anything useful.  Cisco is
> > > apparently working on parallel booting, but AFAIK it isn't there yet.
> > 
> > Hogwash!

Whoops, forgot to humor-caption that.   ;-)

> And Merry Christmas to you too.-)

Likewise.   :-)

> Checking my notes from the time, parallel/fast boot was supposed to go
> into 11.1(8)CA, but I seem to recall it didn't make it.  Good to know
> it's there now, but which version is this?

Most code nowadays is synced to 11.1(13.5)CA, and has been synced to
at least 11.1(10)CA for a while.  Microcode downloading enhancements
*were* commited to 11.1(8)CA, I believe.  I believe that was


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