Cisco Vip Cards.

John Hawkinson jhawk at
Tue Dec 16 10:57:29 UTC 1997

> Checking my notes from the time, parallel/fast boot was supposed to go
> into 11.1(8)CA, but I seem to recall it didn't make it.  Good to know
> it's there now, but which version is this?

It certainly has been around for quite some time;
all 11.1(13.5)CA and subsequent images have it, and probably
quite a bit sooner.

Perhaps this is unclear because you overstated the nature of the
problem.  Even with 11 slots and without this feature, it never took
30 minutes.

I think the actual number was more like 30 to 60 seconds per VIP2.
At least, that's my understanding.


  who continues to think this is really not nanog-relevent crud
  and further, even if it would have been, this thread should have
  died, and we're all being socially irresponsibly by furthering it;
  insert cynicism here.

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