Netrail woes (was Re: Atlanta-NAP down (fwd))

Joe McGuckin joe at
Tue Aug 26 08:06:50 UTC 1997

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Vary much not correct. All of our WORLDCOM circuits have been paid, and
never were late. Worldcom terminated our service because NetRail refused
to pay over 300K in circuits that NetRail never ordered. We have paid
them this amount to get our network back up.


We've had this problem with MFS in the past. Although it wasn't 300K!

After they threatened to pull the plug on all our circuits, we got 
MFS corporate accounts receivable on a conference call with our (then)
weasley sales rep. After the AR manager learned that there was not a signed
sales order for the circuits, he told the sales guy that the local office
would have to eat the unpaid bill.


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