Netrail woes (was Re: Atlanta-NAP down (fwd))

Jon Lewis jlewis at
Tue Aug 26 03:25:07 UTC 1997

On 25 Aug 1997, Sean M. Doran wrote:

> I just read this after clearing out old NANOG mail...
> Jon Lewis <jlewis at> writes:
> > The Atlanta NAP ( run by Nathan Stratton) is down,
> > probably for good.  We're a customer (luckily a multihomed one!), and
> > the word is WORLDCOM pulled all their circuits due to debts.  So all the
> > mailing lists and stuff will be down too.

Actually, I didn't write that...I just forwarded it to the list for
someone else.  The closest FDT ever got to being a Netrail customer was my
emailing Nathan and getting some quotes for a frame connection.  That's
about the extent of my contact with Netrail.

The actual author of the above was Jeff Garzik <jgarzik at>.

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