Router management at MAE-East and MAE-West

Kent W. England kwe at
Tue Aug 26 01:33:26 UTC 1997

At 02:38 PM 23-08-97 -0700, Lane Patterson wrote:
>Craig Hainey (Cando Consulting) does some stuff, and he's been around
>since the old SprintLink days.  You can ask the Goodnet guys how to get
>ahold of him.

Craig Haney, Cando Consulting	
Business Phone: (703) 448-9826	
Business Fax:   (802) 448-9786
Email:          craig at

>Also Rob Seastrom and Tim Scanlon (Knowledgable Hands, Inc.) have some
>rack space at the MAE and manage some routers in it.  Ask the

I don't have Rob's particulars right at hand, but if anyone needs them,
shoot me a note.


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