flow export and cflowd

Dorn Hetzel dorn at atl.eni.net
Mon Aug 25 21:41:05 UTC 1997

An operational report:

We installed rsp-p-mz.111-13a.CA1.bin this weekend on one router
in Atlanta.  So far, so good, no meltdowns or mystery behavior.

We are also now exporting version 5 flow data to cflowd running
on Linux (slackware flavor) with no problems.  Linux wasn't
listed as a tested OS, but no problems were encountered;  the
./configure; make; make install process did the trick with no

For anyone considering giving it a try, cflowd was painless to
set up and is producing very cool data even on our first day
with it.

A big thanks to the authors for some great bits.


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