Netrail woes

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Tue Aug 26 03:22:34 UTC 1997

> From: Ehud Gavron <GAVRON at ACES.COM>
> 	"No bible-toting fool who won't pay his bills will be
> 	in business long."  - Ehud  (look it up, it's in the same book.)
Enough with the Bible (and person) bashing.

He said they were a charge for circuits never ordered.  I've seen a bit
of the same myself, and thus I believe him.  I've also seem multiple
installation charges for the same order, charges for interior cabling
when I personally did the wiring from the network interface, and a fair
number of other shenanigans.

However, in this litiginous world, the correct approach is to pay the
disputed billing, give them 5 days notice to refund the overcharge, and
then sue them, including fees and costs.  (Although I've never had to do
this over $300K, which isn't exactly pocket change.)

Fortunately, the Uniform Commercial Code gives a reasonable rate of
return on the interest: 1% a month from date of filing.  Somewhat better
than I can get at the local bank....

I usually take plenty of time to conclude the dispute after filing, for
that very reason.  The big guys hold their very bigness over your head
to force payment, so you might as well take advantage of their natural
slowness.  :-)

Hopefully, he has a good lawyer.

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