Packet size data

Paul G. Donner pdonner at
Tue Aug 12 06:06:02 UTC 1997

What about cflowd?

At 11:23 AM 8/11/97 -0700, Justin W. Newton wrote:
>	Does anyone have any /recent/ information on the breakdown of packet sizes
>crossing the net right now?  I have seen some of the older data, but am
>interested in whether or not the percentages are changing over time, and if
>so, how.  I.e. I could see people moving from interactive services such as
>telnet for reading mail and news to going to a client based system would up
>the packet sizes.  Likewise, the use of some of the streaming video and
>audio applications out there might lower it again.  In my mind, recent is
>anything that has been done in the last 6 months or so.
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