Packet size data

Nick Hilliard nick at
Tue Aug 12 09:07:04 UTC 1997

Paul G. Donner wrote:

> What about cflowd?

cflowd would be really useful if netflow worked properly, which at least
in 11.2(7), it doesn't.  The official Cisco response is:

> Case :H82607
> There are many issues with netflow switch with 11.2(7)
> that are still being addressed.  Currently the estimated
> release for a fix is 11.3.  Please bare with us while
> this issues are been addressed.

Also, 11.2(7) only supports version 1 export packets, which cflowd
doesn't understand without a small bit of work.

Are people generally having any more luck with the 11.1CA images?  It
would be really nice to get some decent traffic stats.


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