spam relaying by the big boys

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Fri Aug 8 06:48:49 UTC 1997

[ On Fri, August 8, 1997 at 02:25:55 (-0400), Christopher Masto wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: spam relaying by the big boys
> ... while talking to
> >>> RCPT To:<abuse at>
> <<< 552 abuse mailbox full
> 554 <abuse at>... Service unavailable
> Operational issue: how to not look so foolish.. :-)

Yeah.  I think I've got copies of bounces from postmaster and abuse
mailboxes at all the big players who run systems that offer that
"mailbox full" feature....  I find it hard to believe that a 24x7 NOC
could ever get into this situation unless they've got a mail bomber
right on their backbone and they can't cut him off any other way.

These big guys do all have 24x7 staffed NOCs and their staff do
constantly monitor ops-related mailboxes such as 'postmaster', don't
they?  If not, why not?

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