[Fwd: BBN (GTE) Suffers another major power problem.]

Martin Hannigan hannigan at sunspot.tiac.net
Fri Aug 8 18:22:39 UTC 1997

> sigh... A goodly section of Cambridge lost power, a utility worker 42
> years old with 6 children died, give it a break.  The POPs affected
> were legacy NEARNET (I believe) POPs which are primarily used today
> for 56kbps links modulo the legacy connections with larger pipes.
> These were **not** backbone POPs.  Should they have had a better power
> backup solution?, yeah.  Did it affect BBNs' backbone?, thank God *no*
> at least I'm thankful for that.
> "Year of the Backhoe" and "Blackout Daze" #%^>

Yup. I think the BBN issue was a router colo at MIT. MIT has a
co generation faciliry in Cambridge and it had a large panel
catch fire as a result of the explosion, which as it was 
explained to me, caused the co-gen to go black. 
Subsequently, MIT's system went dark affecting NEARNet service.
[ Mike - correct me if I'm wrong ]

1 man died, and two others were seriously injured. Almost
half of the P.R. of Cambridge had telephone AND electricity
shutdown due to the explosion. They had no idea *still dont*
as to what caused it.

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