Nuclear power for POPs

Vadim Antonov avg at
Fri Aug 8 23:32:44 UTC 1997

Heh.  At some point of time the Relcom's NOC and
main Moscow hub (which was conviniently located at
Kurchatov Institute for Atomic Energy) had a real
nuclear reactor for backup power.  

In fact, given BBN's power problems you may be interested
in purchasing few ARGUS units (Soviet-made mobile nuclear
power plant, on several all-terrain vehicles) though neighbours
may take a dim view :)

Life is werider than imagination :)


John Curran wrote:
> At 14:50 8/8/97, William Duncanson wrote:
> >> I'll be more than happy to leverage my experience from my Nuclear
> >> Engineering days to help Internet companies plan for these redundant
> >> power plants.  Each load of fuel would be good for about 18 to 24
> >> months of sustained operation, and we could even design it so that
> >> should it experience an explosion, there is no confusion or expectation
> >> on the performance and viability of colocated and nearby equipment.
> >>
> >> Chris
> >>
> >Sign me up!  I want one of these in my back yard.  I figure I could
> >probably run the whole block off of one of these.
> It may soon be necessary to include one of these in each POP,
> given notable vendors increasing power demands...
> Chris, can you do 23" open rack designs?
> ;-)
> /John

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