SONET Interconnect (was RE: MCI)

Curtis Villamizar curtis at
Fri Mar 29 21:42:42 UTC 1996

In message <199603290546.VAA26294 at>, Paul Ferguson writes:
> At 12:36 AM 3/29/96 -0500, Shikhar Bajaj wrote:
> >
> >Several of our clients seriously consider
> >ATM/SONET the best way to go because they feel that a switched
> >technology like ATM is the best single technology (currently) 
> >to offer them high speed and support for multiple applications (like
> >video and voice, as well as data).  They are not just sending around
> >200-byte IP packets.  Furthermore, the ability to get
> >quality of service support and guarantees is important them.  They don't
> >think that RSVP, when it comes, will be enough.  Finally,
> >to them, the economics makes sense.  They understand the limitations
> >(i.e. overheads) and believe that they are acceptable. 
> >
> What you fail to mention, however, is that in an effort to achieve
> these noble goals across the Internet, you are relegated to using IP
> over ATM. This is the fatal flaw.
> Sorry. I remain unconvinced.
> Unless you begin building massive [native] long-haul ATM networks, this
> is not an acceptable transport for the reasons I mentioned earlier.
> - paul

Paul, Shikkar,

Can we move this discussion to alt.religion.atm?


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