SONET Interconnect (was RE: MCI)

Paul Ferguson pferguso at
Fri Mar 29 06:21:56 UTC 1996

At 01:12 AM 3/29/96 -0500, Shikhar Bajaj wrote:

>> What you fail to mention, however, is that in an effort to achieve
>> these noble goals across the Internet, you are relegated to using IP
>> over ATM. This is the fatal flaw.
>Yes, I admit my guilt.  Our clients are looking at solutions in
>parallel with the Internet.  They feel that sole reliance on the
>Internet will not cut it.
>> Sorry. I remain unconvinced.
>That's fine.  I'm not trying to sell anything to anyone :).

No -- I didn't mean to appear sanctimonious or self-righteous. This just
happens to be one of my pet rants.

If folks want ATM services, running then adjacent to the Internet is
a foolish thing to do. Parallel to the Internet fabric is certainly

- paul


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