cisco OC3 interfaces

Carl Payne cpayne at
Fri Mar 22 00:55:33 UTC 1996

>We've certainly been known to do some pretty silly things before,  and
>some would say that a lot of things we're doing now are pretty silly :-)

My favorite silly thing is having both shoes drop within a week.

Dave (and Dave), I know I'm not a party to this little tension, but I just
can't help myself.  I've gotta post.

>Regardless, an non-disclosure agreement is a non-disclosure agreement.

IMHO, you did much more damage with your original post, dated the 19th (?)
which said:

>If anyone has been discussing other OC3 interfaces with you, they 
>are potentially in violation of a non-disclosure agreement, and I 
>would suggest that such conversations shouldn't be happening.

To me, this SCREAMS: "There will be an OC3 interface for the 4700 NLT
Christmas, maybe sooner."

Oh, I get it.  First, exploit someone else's mistake, then make a
follow-up post to a newsgroup (or auto-CC?) to iron the point home just in
case nobody caught the faux pas the first time around.  Yeah, that's
marketing, right?  My mistake.

Don't get me wrong, Dave, I have no disrespect for you (you've helped me
before), and obviously I buy Cisco...a LOT.  But sometimes...

I just wanted you to know: we're listening.  That way, you won't have to
post a note that says, "I mean, if we WERE to have an OC3 interface for a
non-7xxx, nobody's allowed to speculate what that might be for."


Cogito Ergo Amicrosoft
And, BTW, dear reader, don't CC me and the bloody list / group too!

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