cisco OC3 interfaces

Dave O'Leary doleary at
Fri Mar 22 06:32:06 UTC 1996

Hi Dave,

We've certainly been known to do some pretty silly things before, 
and some would say that a lot of things we're doing now are pretty
silly :-)

Regardless, an non-disclosure agreement is a non-disclosure agreement.

We work very hard internally to avoid "leaking" information between 
the various providers we are under non-disclosure with, and we 
expect the customers who we work with under an NDA to also take the
NDA seriously.

While it might make complete sense that we are/should be working on 
a particular product or feature, that doesn't mean that we are, and
details like how close we are to delivering a particular product 
or its specific features, etc. could clearly be of use to our 
competitors - which is why we execute an NDA.




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