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Thu Mar 21 23:32:03 UTC 1996

>	> On Tue, 19 Mar 1996, Arun Welch wrote:
>	> 
>>Yup. There's work in progress to put IP directly on SONET, which should save
>>people with OC-3c backbones from paying the ATM penalty.

>Last year, I was involved with some vendor work that was being done to
>optimize the
>SONET payload for various protocols. In particular, the 'growth' bytes
>Z3, Z4, and/or Z5 in
>the SONET Path overhead would be used to optimize the payload size
>based on the
>protocol being used. The thought was that such an optimization would
>take place at the
>"edge" of the network, where local traffic is passed to a WAN, via
>SONET. ATM was being
>focused on in particular, especially with the concatenated (OC-Nc)
>payload. I was told that
>IP has now been added to the list of protocols that SONET would
>optimize/support. If this
>work comes out as a SONET standard, it would be a great plus when using
>OC-3c interfaces
>on routers.
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