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Thu Mar 21 05:16:37 UTC 1996

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>	> On Tue, 19 Mar 1996, Arun Welch wrote:
>	>Yup. There's work in progress to put IP directly on SONET, which
>should save
>	>people with OC-3c backbones from paying the ATM penalty.

Last year, I was involved with some vendor work that was being done to
optimize the
SONET payload for various protocols. In particular, the 'growth' bytes
Z3, Z4, and/or Z5 in
the SONET Path overhead would be used to optimize the payload size based
on the
protocol being used. The thought was that such an optimization would
take place at the
"edge" of the network, where local traffic is passed to a WAN, via
Frame Realy were being focused on in particular, especially with the
(OC-Nc) payload. I was told that IP has now been added to the list of
protocols that
SONET would optimize/support. If this work comes out as a SONET
standard, it would
be a great plus when using OC-3c interfaces on routers.

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