NET99 sabotages IGC's routes

Ehud Gavron GAVRON at ACES.COM
Sat Mar 16 04:28:31 UTC 1996

David Schwartz writes...
>This outage was deliberately engineered by AGIS/NET99.

Is there something you expect the nanog list (community) to do?  I
read this, and I share your concerns at what your allegations show
is either restraint of trade or tort interference... but why here? *

>	NET99's deliberate, malicious actions are contrary to the very
>spirit of the Internet.

So far so good..

>They resulted in DALnet (the third largest IRC network) being split 

Yada yada yada.  Look, if you have a serious complaint, stick to it.
Complaining about IRC is tantamount to saying "Hi, I'm without a clue
as to what is important and what isn't."  Nobody is going to go to bat
for you because your IRC net was split.  Try something more important
like "Our customers couldn't reach the net."  I know it doesn't sound
exciting, but it strikes home for _everyone_ (almost) on this list.

>	Please excuse me if this is not the appropriate forum for discussing
>this event.

>	David Schwartz
>	Director of Network Services
>	Internet Gateway Connections
>	(954)-430-3030



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