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Steve Rubin ser at
Thu Mar 14 07:35:19 UTC 1996

> IP addresses are very valuable..."routable" IP addresses
> are even more valuable...routability is determined by other
> Internet participants being willing to route your traffic...if
> you have a nicely aggregated block of addresses then you
> are OK...if not, then you are in trouble...

Well, I am sure the InterNIC would be more than willing to trade a small,
fully utilized block for a larger block with room to grow.  But I won't
mention the R word here :)

> ISPs will have to start "seizing" blocks of addresses from
> IANA and taking over allocation responsibility to survive...
> as you can read between the lines on
> no one is going to insure that your business survives...
Well, I doubt this will happen any time soon.  Remember what happened to
the person who was announcing 208/8.

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