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Jim Fleming JimFleming at
Thu Mar 14 03:44:31 UTC 1996

This issue has been on the burner for a long time...

The National Science Foundation's, "exit stage right" last year was irresponsible...

As Election '96 heats up and Bill Clinton plugs more schools and parents
into the net, people are going to find out that some roads lead to interstate
highways and some roads end up nowhere, just like the cover of "The Road Ahead"

There are no easy thing for will be the key to
survival on the Internet...the Federal Government will likely have to step in to
help insure that school children get lunches and their Internet...the Election '96
candidates will have to respond to the serious problems that have been created
because of the rapid commercialization of a precious resource...

Next November, the candidate with the most IP addresses to "dole" out
may be the winner...(no punn intended)...

Jim Fleming
Naperville, IL

P.S. Just think, "Vote for ________ and receive a "routable" IP address"...

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Perhaps it is 'interesting' because this issue has made it into
the mainstream popular press?

- paul

At 11:24 PM 3/13/96 +0000, Larry J. Plato wrote:

>I am not really trying to flame you but why is this article 
>interesting?  It is really a poorly written rehash of the
>filtering policy Sprint has discussed for the last 18 months.
>I don't agree w/ Sprint's position but I don't see this 
>article as being particularly interesting.  It's not even 
>very well written.  If anything I find it annoying and 
>irresponsible that the author did not seem, IMHO, to
>research his topic very well.  As far as I can tell he neither
>asked the opinion of Sprint, or any other major NSP, as to why
>someone would do this.  Yet he had the call to title his
>article "Sprint says ..."
>I think this is sloppy, yellow, journalism.
>Larry Plato
>I speak for myself only
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