Allocation of IP Addresses

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>How much attention is paid to how blocks are being used...???

ISPs must now show 75-80% utilization of existing address space
prior to allocation of new address space.

Of course some sub-netting can be very wasteful and is one way for ISPs
to "look good" to get more addresses...

>Why doesn't the Internic require that Class A delegates, use those
>addresses rather than addresses from other parts of the spectrum...???

To my knowledge they do.  Note that this is a relatively recent policy
shift.  I do know ISPs with class As have been refused new allocations
until they can dmonstrate they have utilized 70-80% of their class A,
however it is easy to hide that you are from an organization with
existing space.

And of course there are always the "subjective" decisions that the Internic
gets to make based on almost zero knowledge...

>For example, why are name servers allowed in 192 and shown
>below...???  It would be easy for the Internic to have a policy that
>does not allow the foll owing...

There are many such examples (IBM, PSI, BBN, etc).  However, I do
not believe there have been new allocations to these organizations
in the recent past.

And of course it is hard to TALIGENT.COM still in business....???

>Should companies be given recognition for "Internet Ecology" efforts...???
>Hewlett-Packard Company (NET-HP-INTERNET)

You are basing too much on what companies use for their DNS.  HP has
lots of other address space as well.


OK....I guess HP does not get the "Internet Ecology" award...:-)

Jim Fleming
Naperville, IL

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