Allocation of IP Addresses

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>The answer is to have published, objective criteria, consistently applied, 
>with a defined appeal process and accountability.  

See the latest allocation policy draft -- it attempts to do that.
Comments on the draft would be welcome, see:


>It's hard to play by the 
>rules if you don't know what they are, and one has only to look at the /14 
>allocation to @Home to realize that the "slow start" rules do not apply to 
>everyone equally.

The @Home allocation was done outside of normal registry procedures by
the IANA directly.  InterNIC should not be held responsible for that

What happens if a substantial part of the Class A space is allocated outside
of IANA (Jon Postel) as well as the InterNIC...???

Does God get to handle those allocations...??? about Clinton or Dole...???

Jim Fleming
Naperville, IL

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