Netcom Outage (Was: My InfoWorld Column About NANOG)

Erik Sherk sherk at
Wed Jun 26 14:49:07 UTC 1996

> Other ISPs who happen to be in position to control physical
> routing of circuits use IP-level rerouting to attack the problem.
> The IGP rerouting with modern link-state IGPs is sub-second
> so the redundancy of interior paths is easy to achieve (perticularly
> if you use tricks like BGP confederations which eliminate
> need to recompute iBGP routing in case of IGP changes).

	Can you be more specific about this? How do you avoid 
the recompute and also avoid persistent routing loops after a
topology change?
> The hard part is exterior routing where topology changes require
> massive crunching of BGP tables.  Multiplying paths actually
> makes the problem worse.

You bet!


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