Netcom Outage (Was: My InfoWorld Column About NANOG)

Vadim Antonov avg at
Wed Jun 26 11:32:13 UTC 1996

| As for routing loops we all know whom to thank for the wise
| decision to give packet forwarding higher priority than to
| handling routing updates


Ugh!  Took, like, four years.  Do they do silicon switching
into black hole now, too?  And allow to squash trivial loops
by providing means to say "don't send packets back on the same

| and for using textual regexp matching in policy evaluation, too.

>Also fixed.

You mean cacheing?  That's not exactly "fix", that's workaround.
I don't think it works when you change filter and restart the session.
The real fix would be to implement something saner than doing
regexps (hint -- you never really need backtracking when you match
AS paths to policies).

>C'mon, beat up on cisco for things that are STILL broken, not
>for things that have been fixed after being discovered as problems.

I always thought it's more productive not to create silly problems
in the first place.   I guess i'm lagging on what constitutes the
current set of silly problems, though i admit i sleep much better
since i stopped worrying about them.


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