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Tue Jul 9 22:10:07 UTC 1996

At 06:43 AM 7/9/96 +0000, you wrote:
>Michael Dillon writes:
>> On Tue, 9 Jul 1996, Daniel W. McRobb wrote:
>> > There will likely never be a means for a single NSP to track down the
>> > real source of spoofed packets using IPv4.  Service providers won't be
>> > letting other service providers track spoofed packets through their
>> > network.
>> Why not? Don't telcos do this?
>> Or if your answer is that telcos only do it for the police and not for
>> each other, then my question would be why can't we form an Internet
>> equivalent, maybe affiliated with something like CERT, that can make these
>> requests and with whom NSP's would cooperate.
>What sort of incentive or penalty do you think would enable this
>	Nevin

These garbage packets are flooding through somebodies network to get to the
target.  I'd think it would benefit the intervening operators to eliminate
traffic tthat is harmful, probably illegal, and wasting the resource they
sell, bandwidth.
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