Ping flooding (fwd)

Curtis Villamizar curtis at
Wed Jul 10 02:00:25 UTC 1996

In message <199607092355.AA00621 at>, Per Gregers Bilse writes:
> Yes ... but you shouldn't need anything special for that.  We have
> been doing the same for a long time, using regular IP accounting on
> the edge routers, which is then summarised over a full routing table.
> The only discrepancies that occur are if changes in routing occur
> between the time of accounting and processing, but this tends not to
> be a problem.

What if the edge router is sitting at MaeEast or some other very busy
edge of your network.  Knowing traffic patterns to/from the
interconnects is very useful for traffic engineering and neccesary if
the "attack" you want to trace back goes through an interconnect.

I may be wrong, but I was under the impression that flow switching
wasn't up for this and regular IP accounting is completely useless in
this particular case.


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