value of co-location

Dorian Kim dorian at CIC.Net
Fri Jan 19 22:25:40 UTC 1996

On Fri, 19 Jan 1996, Shikhar Bajaj wrote:

> You are correct up til you get to the efficiency at the AAL level.  AAL-5 does
> not have any SAR overhead but it does have 8 bytes of CS overhead.  Now, this
> overhead is on a per PDU basis and NOT a per cell basis.  Thus, you maximum
> efficiency will be 
> 36.864 * [(x-8) / x] where x = PDU size in bytes.
> Thus, if you just send 64-byte packets, your min throughput will 
> be 36.8 * (56 / 64) = 32.3 Mbps.
> Of course, larger PDUs are more efficient.

Thanks for the correction. I knew that number didn't quite look right. 

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