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Paul Ferguson pferguso at
Thu Jan 4 23:50:02 UTC 1996

At 12:29 PM 1/4/96 -0500, Elise Gerich wrote:

>The NANOG meetings begin at 09:00 (maybe earlier depending on how
>full the agenda is ) on Thursday, February 15 and
>will end approximately at 13:00 on Friday, February 16.  The two
>folks who are in the know about the exact logistics are on vacation
>(one returns tomorrow and the other on the 9th).
>The location is La Jolla, CA (SDSC and UCSD), and we will try to
>get a list of hotels/motels distributed as soon as possible.
>           --Elise

That's cool, and everything, but is it really wise to equate Dave
O'Leary [gasp] with list-admin?   :-)

- paul

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