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Kent W. England kwe at
Thu Jan 4 21:56:41 UTC 1996

At 06:59 PM 1/3/96 -0800, Dave O'Leary wrote:
>We've had a couple of meetings in San Diego before.  I expect it is
>at the Supercomputing center, which is on the UCSD campus in La Jolla.
>I don't know what the recommended hotel is, but anything is La Jolla
>or Del Mar is close.
>The meeting usually start early the first day (15th in this case),
>so you should probably plan to arrive the night before, and then
>the meeting ends just before lunch on the second day, at which point
>we all go out for a Very Fine Lunch.
>					dave
>p.s. no I'm not buying for everyone :-)
You have a choice of various hotels in La Jolla and Torrey Pines. Someone
from SDSC should be able to post the details of several Sheratons,
Marriotts, etc in the vicinity.

You will need a car to get back and forth from hotel to restaurant to SDSC.

For anyone who likes something off the beaten path, there is an old but very
nice hotel in Del Mar about 15 minutes drive up the coast from UCSD called
the Hotel L'Auberge. Not only is the hotel different from a chain hotel, it
is located right in Del Mar, so if you have a minute you can actually walk
around old Del Mar. There is a Starbuck's across the street and a great
bookstore down the block. The L'Auberge was built for folks coming to the
Del Mar racetrack from Los Angeles. They used to come by train and walk up
the hill to the hotel. The train still runs, but doesn't stop at Del Mar.
Couple of great restaurants, Jakes and Poseidon, down on the beach by the
train station.

Call 619.259.1515.


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