other routing anomalies

Gordon Cook gcook at tigger.jvnc.net
Wed Apr 17 15:48:18 UTC 1996

Avi wrote  Ugh, I replied privately to Gordon; didn't realize he sent it 
to nanog :)  JVNC said to him in an earlier message that they were 
currently defaulting into MCI.......

COOK:  let me clear up some uncomfortable ambiguity in avi's use of the 
pronoun "it"......  my original post to which he replied was to 
nanog.....  I did NOT send his private reply to nanog.

In response to Randy:   I *KNOW* nanog should be avoided for this sort of 
thing and I have BELIEVE me I have been trying to get this worked out 
through JVNC.  I have called them everyday beginning a weekago today to 
try to get a resolution to the problem.  they have been courteous, but 
the answer has alwsays been we are working on it  it should be done by 
the end of the day.  unfortunately it doesn't get done.  My post last 
night has resulted in some fresh information that I hope will get the 
problem fixed.  So in that sense going public here could provide the 
solution..  I will try to avoid any continuation of this thread.  BTW 
the problems as of right now is definitely NOT fixed.   :-(

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