other routing anomalies

Pete Kruckenberg pete at dsw.com
Wed Apr 17 05:11:39 UTC 1996

I don't know anything about how jvnc.net runs their business, but a few 
weeks ago, they decided to start advertising some of my /19's, along with 
a bunch of other AGIS routes, effectively taking me and a lot of AGIS 
customers off-line for several hours. Maybe they're still having routing 

On Tue, 16 Apr 1996, Gordon Cook wrote:

> For the last week the *ONLY* way I can hold a connection to tigger at 
> jvnc.net has been to log into a net access machine in philly and telnet 
> from there to tigger rather than telnet directly from my house.  Both 
> connections go througth the CIX to get me 20 miles up the road in New 
> jersey!!  When I get packets from this connection it is like a 1200 baud 
> I have complained to jvnc.  They say they are laboring mightily to solve 
> the problem and that a LOT of their users are affected.  Not much luck so 
> far ...still 300 baud service.  BUT a traceroute from tigger to a 
> commercial web site in wash DC run by PSI goes through MCI's MAE EAST ++ 
> router which is where *MY* packets oughtta go rather than to California 
> and back.  Anyone have any idea why?  The person I asked at JVNC today 
> didn't.  Here are the two traces done within the last 30 minutes.

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