Some corrections

Ross Veach rrv at
Tue Apr 16 18:22:26 UTC 1996

At 9:59 AM 4/16/96, William Allen Simpson wrote:
>Both Merit and CICnet are connected to MCI.  Correct?  My new
>understanding is that the problem seems to be that MCI is stuck in the
>middle there, and for some reason shunts some (but not all) OSU and
>OARnet traffic off through MAE-East, rather than passing it more
>directly to OARnet (through CICnet or otherwise).  And this is because
>of some _source_ based algorithm, since this only happens to Merit
>sourced traffic, but not other CICnet traffic, as you are using MCI to
>hold together pieces of CICnet?  Sounds bizarre to me....
>In any case, it still proves my point -- Merit and CICnet (and MCI)
>somehow view each other as competitors and don't cooperate to carry
>traffic by the "best" route, thereby clogging other areas of the
>Internet (MAE-East) at others' unknowing expense.

Bill, you are way off base.

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