New Internet Routing Statistics

Gordon Cook gcook at
Tue Apr 2 20:38:53 UTC 1996

Craig, netscape couldn't find anything at the address you listed.  I 
found what I **think** you are talking about at

What you have done looks really useful.  But SPRINT is refusing to 
cooperate I gather.  How big a hole does this put in the usefulness of 
what you are doing?  With UUNET, ANS and MCI particpating, how can Sprint 
justify NOT participating?

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On Tue, 2 Apr 1996, Craig Labovitz wrote:

> Using many of the suggestions and comments from the last IEPG and NANOG
> meetings, we have put together some new Internet routing statistics web 
> pages. See
> These pages include real-time graphs of network instability, bar charts of the 
> sources of routing instability, snapshots of the Route Servers' routing
> tables, graphs of long-term trends, bogus routing reports, and IRR 
> discrepancies.
> In improving the quality and accuracy of these reports, we need your help. The 
> reports are only as good as the raw data the route servers receive in peering  
> sessions. If you are not peering with the route servers, we encourage you to 
> do so. Your routes will ONLY be used for statistics collection purposes 
> (unless you have explicitly registered policy in the IRR and indicated that 
> the RA should propagate the routes.)
> To peer with the route servers, send mail to rs-peer at
> The RA thanks the following organizations for providing routes for statistics 
> collection/analysis:
> ANS, Advantis, Aimnet, Alpha.Net, Alternet, Argonne, CAIS, CERFnet,
> CWInet, DIGEX, DRAnet, DREN, DXnet, Delphi, ESnet,, INSnet, 
> IOSnet, IconNet, Interpath, MCI, Nacamar, NetAxs, Netcom, Netrail,             
>  PIPEX, Suranet, Supernet, ThePlanet, TheWell, WIS.COM
> - Craig
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