Peering in the LA region?!?:$

Avi Freedman freedman at
Tue Sep 26 16:39:21 UTC 1995

> CERFnet has a POP in One Wilshire with 2 T3s, soon to be 4.
> CERFnet and Los Nettos/CSUnet have a private peering arrangement at two
> locations. Other than that, I am not aware of large peering 
> arrangements in LA, but would welcome such a move.
> --pushpendra
> Pushpendra Mohta              pushp at        +1 619 455 3908
> Director, CERFnet      +1 800 876 2373

In the Philadelphia area, there are 3 providers working on the details
of a Frame-relay MLPA-arrangement.  We'll be implementing it, then
announcing it and inviting everyone to join.  We'll probably include
the SDMS cloud if (as Bell claims) they can gateway Frame PVCs to SDMS.

We're right next to the Pennsauken NAP, so this is for the players who
for whatever reason have no plans to be connected @ the NAP.

But in general, we think it's better to dump traffic locally except for those
who have high-bandwidth connections to elsewhere (providers/exchange

I don't know what the Southern California-area SMDS/Frame situation is like.
Here, usually the larger providers have at least T1 Frame (possibly 
multiple T1 Frame connections) or a >= 4mb SMDS connection. 


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