Kai kai at belcom.net
Tue Sep 26 00:08:55 UTC 1995

Vadim wrote:

>>kai at belcom.net
>>                Ask us about Internet service in the CIS!
>>                 Bringing Internet, where there is none

>What a piece of "truth in advertisement".

>(the guy who coined the word RELCOM if you didn't know).

I know very well, Vadim. But wherever I look (outside of say Moscow
and St. Petersburg) there is nothing but 19.2K lines connecting entire
cities. I wouldn't call that "Internet", but "laggy connectivity, enabling
mail and Usenet". A far cry from telnet,ftp,WWW.
And the last time I checked, BelCom was serving areas as a turn-key
telecommunications carrier that weren't even on Russian (pre-1986) maps,
and you had to drive a few 100 miles to get a working phone there, not even
talking about one that you can call abroad with. 
You remember that too well, I guess.

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