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Alan Hannan alan at mid.net
Mon Sep 25 04:09:14 UTC 1995


  As we start to see the (alleged) practical effects of Sprint's 
filtering, Sean, could you please bring us up to speed in a concise
description of the policy changes and their potential ramifications.   

  As well, perhaps a short description of how to "come into compliance"
would eliminate threats of the following nature.


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<include previous letter from kai at belcom.net>

.........  Kai is rumored to have said:
] From: Kai <kai at belcom.net>
] To: baldwin at SDD.COMSAT.COM, insc at sprintlink.net, noc at digex.net
] Subject: invisible
] Cc: avg at sprintlink.net, bertolini at computel.com, concaj at belcom.net,
]         donagm at belcom.net, ilya at phri.nyu.edu, kai at belcom.net, ken at belcom.net,
]         khalfk at belcom.net, ladycom at computel.com, nanog at MERIT.EDU, smd at icp.net,
]         smd at sprint.net, susan.evans at SPRINT.SPRINT.COM
] My network assignment (Sprint-announced) has become invisible
] to all Digex-connected networks, while my old assignment (204.97.218/219)
] is still seen normally.
] Following the NANOG list, I must suspect this is due to the route prefix
] filtering Sean Doran announced, and which seems to have gone into effect.
] As Comsat (a Digex client) can now no longer reach BelCom's overseas
] subsidaries (BelCom is a Computel client, client of Sprint: Computel is
] technically incapable of handling or comprehending this issue, you will
] have to deal with me).
] I demand that this route prefix filtering is turned off immediately:
] The Almaty NATO networking conference is IN SESSION (trace to
] if you can ), and I was absolutely positive about the consequences this
] will have on the relationship between BelCom and Arna-Sprint in Kazakhstan.
] If you want to avoid a press release at the conference detailing names and
] circumstances of this engineering terrorism, you should turn off the route
] prefix filter THIS MINUTE. There was absolutely no humanly sane reason to
] 'pull the plug' on a Sprint customer like this, and to sabotage an event
] that has cost us $50,000 plus 200 engineering hours to make happen.
] This is off to the lawyers.
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