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Kai kai at belcom.net
Mon Sep 25 01:46:06 UTC 1995

Sean Doran wrote:

>Thank-you Andrew.  That matches my diagnosis.

>Kai: computel, our customer, should be able to help you
>prepare an entry for the RADB; failing that, please
>feel free to turn to noc at ans.net or engineer at sprint.net
>for assistance in updating the RADB so that your prefix
>is heard by ANS.

>See, ANS has an inbound route-filter too... and it's MUCH older than Sprint's.

>	Sean.
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>Sean Doran <smd at sprint.net>
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In lieu of Computel knowing what the RADB is, I will handle the RADB entry
myself, if I don't decide to recycle the assignment altogether and start
from scratch, which is likely by now, after analyzing and evaluating the
situation a bit more. The Internic should strap on more asbestos now.
Is it preferable for Sprint to announce/act under my (future) ASN rather
than take the route into one of their own ASNs ? Computel is kinda a like
dark tunnel between us at this time...

THANKS to all for the response and fix for now.

Kai "don't filter my route" Schlichting

ps: some NANOG readers wrote back that my route is looping overseas: yes,
there is some trouble this hour...the evil of default routes.

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