Other flapping prefixes. Compare and contrast.

Kent W. England kwe at 6SigmaNets.com
Thu Sep 14 19:01:13 UTC 1995

At 7:40 AM 9/11/95, Hans-Werner Braun wrote:
>Well, while Sean's wording at times is, ahem, suboptimal, he is
>referring to a real problem in the Internet System, and in fact one
>that the North American Network Operators Group should take
>responsibility for, at least for the North American part. The problem
>is what others believe is a strength: an anarchic system of many
>autonomous service providers with little or no service model/metrics
>(neither for the local nor for the system level), and no well defined
>rules of conduct for interoperation and problem resolution.


There was once, and still technically may be, the "User Connectivity
Problems" (UCP) working group in the IETF Ops area that began a process for
coordination among the then regional NSFnet network's NOCs back in '90 or

Much of the work accomplished by UCP on developing process for NOC-to-NOC
coordination is still valid, but the players have increased in number and
are re-inventing this wheel.

So, the Internet anarchy has been under attack for some time now. If there
is any interest (I know, hacking the configs is #1, formal coordination and
documentation are a distant #2) I'll go look up some of the documents.


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