Other flapping prefixes. Compare and contrast.

Eliot Lear lear at yeager.corp.sgi.com
Mon Sep 11 20:38:48 UTC 1995

The note that was forwarded was simply unbelievable at this day and
age.  The Internet community has to pay a large price when a major
provider has a policy of not aggregating routes and also not using
statics for sole dialup customers.  Such behavior should be made
readily apparent to perspective customers, resellers, and referrals
so that they might understand the technical capabilities and
marketing tactics of a given provider.

Sean is fighting the good fight to get people to do the right thing.
 That he does so with gorilla tactics at times is probably
appropriate given in some cases the lack of response and in other
cases completely inappropriate response from various providers and
customers.  As his customer I *very* much appreciate and encourage
his efforts.

Eliot Lear
[lear at sgi.com]

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