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rboivie at VNET.IBM.COM rboivie at VNET.IBM.COM
Mon Oct 16 20:56:21 UTC 1995

In discussing spamming problems
"William B. Norton" <wbn at> wrote:

> I personally think slightly smarter exploders might go a long way.  For
> example:
>   ...
> 2) an exploder that "suspends" messages with more than, say 6 lists
> and newsgroups, and notifies the sender.  If the sender is not a real
> address, it automatically is purged.

But wouldn't a spammer just defeat this measure by using a shell script, say.
Instead of sending one message to n lists, a script could easily send n
messages each addressed to a single list.

Rick Boivie
rboivie at

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