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Matt Zimmerman mdz at netrail.net
Wed Nov 29 19:05:23 UTC 1995

On Tue, 28 Nov 1995, Ed Morin wrote:

[AOL unreachability]
> I've seen several providers claim "it's AOL's fault" because the provider
> themselves didn't properly set up an RADB entry so the ANS network would
> carry their packets.  Given that AOL is on the other side of the ANS
> network, that could be a big problem.  So, just sitting down and showing
> the site is accessible from a dozen other sites proves nothing about it
> not being the provider's problem -- it helps to show that it works in
> some cases though.

Hmm.  I was under the impression that our maintainer object 
(NETRAIL-NOC), AS object (AS4006), and route object (, 
containing the server in question) were sufficient.  Do I need to go 
through some additional motions to satisfy ANS?  Also, this seems to 
only be an intermittent problem (I would think that ANS not carrying our 
packets would result in complete unreachability).

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