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Ed Morin edm at halcyon.com
Wed Nov 29 02:07:28 UTC 1995

>On Mon, 27 Nov 1995, Jon Zeeff wrote:
>> Being in the web hosting business, we measure our own "availability"
>> and that of others.  The top providers do 99.9%.  The median
>> in our sample group is 98.5%.  That's about 15 times worse and
>> 11 hours/month.
>> It's amazing how many of the companies in the low 98s claim 99.9%.
>I'd be terribly interested to know how you obtained these figures...we do 
>web hosting services as well.  I had one of our clients complain angrily 
>for weeks that his web site was frequently "down" because he couldn't get 
>to it from AOL.  I had to sit him down and show that his site was 
>operational and accessible from a dozen other sites to convince him that 
>AOL was the exception, and that our connectivity and server reliability 
>were not to blame.

I've seen several providers claim "it's AOL's fault" because the provider
themselves didn't properly set up an RADB entry so the ANS network would
carry their packets.  Given that AOL is on the other side of the ANS
network, that could be a big problem.  So, just sitting down and showing
the site is accessible from a dozen other sites proves nothing about it
not being the provider's problem -- it helps to show that it works in
some cases though.

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