Bell vs. Internet Providers (fwd)

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Subject: Re: Bell vs. Internet Providers (fwd)
> ISP's should consider using a DS1 or better to deliver dialtone for their
> modem banks.  It makes alot of sense for the ISP and the phone company.
> Delivering dialtone over a T1 is certainly more cost effective than paying
> a %400 increase for Centrex lines.
> 	Scott
>-- End of excerpt from Scott Mace

1. I suspect that any rate increases would apply to lines delivered over a DS1
  as well.

2. Phone company pricing isn't reasonable. (Yet Another) Proof:
     We have a POP in Santa Cruz, CA. PacBell serves that location. We ran
    out of pairs to the building, and they refused to add more. We were given
    a choice,... either pay for more copper pairs to be installed, or have them
    install fiber, break the POTS service out from the fiber onto DS1 and
    get it that way. But we'd need to pay for the demux from DS1 to analog,
    for our modems, or buy (more expensive) modem racks with integral demux
     They gave us a price of about $25,000 to pull 1200 pair. And since 
    $20/line is significantly cheaper (10x) than you can buy a mux for, and
    significantly less than the difference in price to get the more expensive
    modem racks that swallow DS1s directly, we had them pull the copper.

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