Bell vs. Internet Providers (fwd)

Kai kai at
Fri Nov 10 20:57:18 UTC 1995

>ISP's should consider using a DS1 or better to deliver dialtone for their
>modem banks.  It makes alot of sense for the ISP and the phone company.
>Delivering dialtone over a T1 is certainly more cost effective than paying
>a %400 increase for Centrex lines.

>	Scott

Nope, it isn't . At least not in Nynex land. Tariffs are stupid and don't
make sense , I know. If you get your phone lines delivered via T1 in NYC,
you pay about $550 for a local T1. 24 POTS lines run about $600 (business
rate). Now of course, you are sitting there with your SmartJack, and need
to shell out $3K-$10K for a channel bank, or buy a USR Total Control rack
(or a Livingston Pop-in-a-rack). Your cost per line/modem/terminal server
port has just exploded, congratulations, but you don't save any significant
amount per month for this arrangement.
Given that you have to provide about one line per 10 customers (SLIP/PPP)
these days for decent quality service, you are in serious trouble with 
your cash flow...

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