links on the blink (fwd)

Dennis Ferguson dennis at Ipsilon.COM
Wed Nov 8 23:39:09 UTC 1995

> On Wed, 8 Nov 1995, Hans-Werner Braun wrote:
>> >> These aggregations result in some degree of
>> >> steady state, but also burst behavior, which even in a well designed
>> >  ^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> >People who have analyzed Internet traffic would disagree with that 
>> >statement. The traffic patterns on the Internet do not appear to converge 
>> >on a steady state when multiple packet streams are aggregated.
>> you're the greatest expert around here, obviously.
> Hardly...
> I just have a memory which is good at storing facts. Sometime in the last 
> month on either nanog or com-priv a person whose name escapes me posted 
> an article about some statistical studies that had been done on the old 
> NSFnet and recently redone. In both instances the traffic patterns did 

Oh, man, this is getting so silly I can hardly bear to look in my
mail box.  If you'd wanted to name someone who'd been recently working
at measuring and statistically characterizing Internet traffic you could
have just cut-and-pasted the name on the top line of your note, who you
contradicted on a related point of fact based on something you half-remember
reading in com-priv.

We're doomed, aren't we?

Dennis Ferguson

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